Sunday, February 18, 2007


Cigar Store Indians - Kisses in Vain (sendspace link)

Finally in possession of the majority of my CD collection. I feel liberated. Like music actually is apart of my life again, separate from karaoke, iPod travel mixes, and random youtube search queries at work.

You may notice now that I have disabled anonymous comments. The way I see it, unfamiliar people without a face or identity, commenting on someone who is of the same nature, do not deserve to have their voice heard if all they spew is blind, negative commentary. I am a firm believer of the "If you don't have anything nice to say, leave it to yourself or air it out on a messageboard" approach.

I'd much rather get that kind of criticism directly to my face, quite frankly.

Okay, so let's keep it comfortable here. I'm not working at Fat Beats anymore. Haven't for a while, actually. And my biggest mistake while working there was solely depending on the store to keep up to date with new music. Now that several months have passed, I do feel slightly detached. I also need to get on top of purchasing a new laptop, so I can actually download new music again.

I am not being over-dramatic about this. There is currently less than 500 MB free. Shit is fucked, man.

It'll be taken care of. I've come to the conclusion that in the interim, I can feasibly upload tracks to sendspace (if my home connection decides to work), send them to my e-mail, and then take some time during my days at work to make entries, on a much more consistent basis, naturally.

Enjoy today's track, a late bullshit excuse for Valentine's Day. Which for me happened to be the best ever to date (sushi and sake galore). February, in the past few years anyway, has a tendency to be the most depressing month for me. I'm generally happy nowadays though so perhaps the curse is broken. Likewise the future is certainly looking up for me this year.

I hope it is for you as well. In fact, 2007 so far seems to be the year that a lot of creative potential is being taken to use. Its the Year of the Pig. I have been informed that this signifies how much personal cleansing is going to occur.

I believe this. Just look at Britney Spears.


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