Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Bobby Caldwell - My Flame (zSHARE link)
Talk Talk - I Believe in You (youtube link)

There's about five dollars left in my wallet for rest of this week, or at least until my next paycheck arrives, hopefully en route Friday. Therefore my weekly menu has changed somewhat: apples, ramen, and coldcuts. Maybe pudding if my roommate will let me. Taking it back to the good old days of summer camp when I would make myself a bagged lunch. The renaissance of intelligence and boundless creativity was bound to surface sooner or later. Living in a city of $7 tunafish sandwiches gets quite grating after so long a time, so tapping into the ol' noggin was a good look on my part.

While I budget myself, I stay hungry, which is fine since I spend enough time sitting down all day getting negative amounts of exercise and choosing to let the numbers and headlines of business news fill me up instead. So I've got enough on my plate, but I constantly seem to need more. That's why I've saved a little money of my own to buy a new laptop once and for all.

It only took a year.

Looking towards getting an HP Pavilion or Sony VAIO. Leaning towards the HP since I trust HP more as a company. FUCK Dell though. Nothing but woes.

So this means Beta's gettin' more consistent. Redesign in the works too (yeah, you read correctly).

About the music: I would have posted an mp3 of the Talk Talk but I do not have the capability of ripping tracks right now...so in replacement I posted the stunning video they made for it. As for the the Caldwell jawn, well...that comes thanks to the homie Black Moses (what up Gangsta). I usually don't like wasting Throwback songs on non-Fridays when I don't need to but Bobby's that dude and more people gotta know about him.

Enjoy, you cantankerous loonies.


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