Sunday, January 01, 2006

Behind the name.

First off, thank you for finding this. If you were an avid reader of my first journal which I kept for nearly four years, this is probably going to be a change of pace for you. Not really a free-for-all of emotions, but rather a free-for-all of thoughts. YES there will be funny pictures, YES there will be occasional mp3s, YES there will be links to news articles and funny stories, but most importantly YES I haven't sold out to the typical attitude of most blogs on this site. Even though I read them all the time, and gain much inspiration from them. That being said, all of you do yourselves a favor sometime, and click some of the links on the side. It's a start right now, but soon I will have more links up. And what's more is that, uh, they will actually be grouped together properly. But suffice with the substance for now, aight? I promise that through all these inspirations will come something completely archetypal. Believe dat.

Now about the name, "Beta Kerosene". Beta obviously refers to the second item of any system. Kerosene is the fuel for heaters. And beta carotene was a vitamin I used to take for years when my chemical inbalance was in full swing. It's converted to vitamin A when inside the body. As if this was any nerdier of a name idea, I figured putting it all together would make one nonsensical but memorable name. It's short, catchy, and well, I couldn't think of anything else besides "Let's Be Friends". Which in all honesty, is kinda hokey if you don't get the inside joke that probably only Jive Alive and I get.

Oh yeah, and the other thing I wanted to case you're not familiar with this site and have been living under Kristie Alley's hips this whole time, anyone can post comments now, even if you're not a member. I'd prefer if you don't be a stranger though and at least identify who you are when making a comment. I really want to get A LOT of feedback. Because this blog is gonna be my baby for 2006 and hopefully beyond, and I know most of you who are going to read this are going to want to have something to say.

I hope everyone had a great New Year, and that you're all nursing your hangovers carefully. Stay tuned for more great shit coming your way.


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