Monday, July 28, 2008

The waiting game.

You've been pretty patient to keep this bookmarked expecting updates. Fact is, I've essentially jumped ship where the real friends are at on Facebook. This whole time I've been periodically updating so you've missed out on SO. MANY. GEMS. Like the fact that I was in a karaoke contest and got third place (holla to a $50 bar tab), or that I'm going to Israel in three days as of post time. It's about time I went on an actual vacation.

I never said I lived an exciting life, but dagnabbit I have fun and enjoy myself immensely. So much that I don't even need to make it public knowledge. Believe me, I'm out there, if you look hard enough with your sociopath goggles, I am most definitely out there in true form like the ultimate nerd I am. You don't need to look here.

Sooner or later, when not being particularly bogged down with the daytime occupation, I would love to use this for what it was meant to be used for: songs I'm feeling at the moment not necessarily condusive to new shit...cause damned if I'm paying even the slighest attention to the exclusives. I've been doing a lot more studying than writing, a lot more listening than talking. That's the natural progression as you get older and realize some motherfuckers are acting the same way you did thre years ago.

Beta ain't going anywhere but I sure as hell am. And when I come back I'll actually have an excuse to use this (even if my ultimate reason for shying away is actually the format bullshit which I cannot stand). Sleep if you wanna, but keep your alarms on.

- E

Monday, November 05, 2007

I bought a melodica.

Okay, so it's really a harmonica horn. In essence, its the same deal --- humming into a mouth piece while hitting keys on the top. Only mine doesn't have as many notes in the scale. For $2.16 I found myself this red plastic harmonica horn, which I will now use to play along to such hits as "Champagne Supernova" and "And We Danced". Please feel free to let me know of any other tunes I should learn!

After years and years of being borderline deaf, my dad finally got a hearing aid. Now he can hear the secrets that you keep when you're talking in your sleep. Better watch out.

Well if I have anything to say or do about it, this blog is certainly en route to getting the living puss kicked out of it. Major overdrafts in the works. No more music blogging. Pandering to the masses is lame and formulaic. Gonna try something different that doesn't make me feel like I am competing with others.


Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Bobby Caldwell - My Flame (zSHARE link)
Talk Talk - I Believe in You (youtube link)

There's about five dollars left in my wallet for rest of this week, or at least until my next paycheck arrives, hopefully en route Friday. Therefore my weekly menu has changed somewhat: apples, ramen, and coldcuts. Maybe pudding if my roommate will let me. Taking it back to the good old days of summer camp when I would make myself a bagged lunch. The renaissance of intelligence and boundless creativity was bound to surface sooner or later. Living in a city of $7 tunafish sandwiches gets quite grating after so long a time, so tapping into the ol' noggin was a good look on my part.

While I budget myself, I stay hungry, which is fine since I spend enough time sitting down all day getting negative amounts of exercise and choosing to let the numbers and headlines of business news fill me up instead. So I've got enough on my plate, but I constantly seem to need more. That's why I've saved a little money of my own to buy a new laptop once and for all.

It only took a year.

Looking towards getting an HP Pavilion or Sony VAIO. Leaning towards the HP since I trust HP more as a company. FUCK Dell though. Nothing but woes.

So this means Beta's gettin' more consistent. Redesign in the works too (yeah, you read correctly).

About the music: I would have posted an mp3 of the Talk Talk but I do not have the capability of ripping tracks right in replacement I posted the stunning video they made for it. As for the the Caldwell jawn, well...that comes thanks to the homie Black Moses (what up Gangsta). I usually don't like wasting Throwback songs on non-Fridays when I don't need to but Bobby's that dude and more people gotta know about him.

Enjoy, you cantankerous loonies.


Saturday, June 30, 2007

Half a year.

For a minute I thought that having both a dead camera and a dead laptop was annoying enough. Then last night/this morning I'm on my way home around 4 am and some douchebag steals my credit card and some cash from my wallet by literally slicing his way into my back pocket while I was sleeping upright.

Gotta hand it to you, Queens. Just when I thought I had enough to be frustrated about with my increasingly dilapidating technology in full swing, you gotta go ahead and throw me a curve ball with the identity theft. And to think I was actually getting over being the naive sonuvabitch I was, too.

Almost two years in this fuckin' city. I've gotten this far, so let's see if I can manage to pick up all the pieces before this summer ends.

FYI: My music is all on that dead laptop.

I hate making excuses. I should probably start creating entries from the office now, in any case.

Happy Fireworks and Barbecue Day if I don't speak to you beforehand.


Friday, April 06, 2007

Throwback Friday #18.

Literal break.

Les DeMerle - A Day in The Life (sendspace link)

Got a lotta love for break compilations, and the Kon & Amir On Track series is no exception. Not sure if it was ever highlighted on their earlier ones, since I have only heard at this time the most recent Sixth Volume in the series (released last year), but this is probably the coolest song I have in my collection.

As for O.C., all I gotta say is... "Of course we gotta pay rent, so money connects. But I'd rather be broke and have a whole lotta respect." One of the best lines in rap evaah.



Headphone Masterpieces #13.

Straight ripped that shit, kid.

M.O.P. - That's All We Know (sendspace link)
Iomas Marad - I Stand Alone (sendspace link)

eeling energetic or Mellow? That's the question I have concerning how you're feeling. Whichever mood you might be in, I present you with supplemental choices for this evening. First, we have an absolute banger of rare stature from M.O.P., and then a barebones headphone masterpiece that happens to be the opening cut from All-Natural stablemate Iomos Marad's debut album, Deep Rooted. Either way, these will do the trick, whichever your fancy may be.

So what's, I moved. Still in Astoria though. My room is bigger and admittedly better. A lot more personal space, and *ta-da* Internet works. Moreso than before, anyway. I've got the ill set-up in here, it's nice.

I recently managed to save 80 pages, about four years worth within, of entries from my last journal/blog. If I hadn't accidentally stumbled on the old website and seen in an itty bitty corner on the top left side of the screen, "Oh, by the way, we're shutting this down tomorrow," how would I have known otherwise. In conclusion, I just wanna pointlessly but justifiably give a very large FUCK YOU for the awful website, FUCK YOU for reeling me in, and HAHAHA for having that karma come back to you in the form of a newer website that poses as a half-assed version of youtube and myspace, which nobody likes might I add. Real smooth.

Rant over. Whaddup to my Candian peoples!

Happy Easter!



Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Back in action (temporarily).


Philaflava's Jason Gloss got at me about doing an interview with QN5 Music for the site. Here's the result:

Hope you enjoy, in spite of the length and the minor spelling and transcribing errors.


Thursday, March 08, 2007

Radio Refreshments #7.

omg nsfw

Golden Palominos - Little Suicides (sendspace link)

We're gonna try and get back on track here with the flagship entries. And because I don't have much of a directive to write about bands I don't have much knowledge about, I'll let the music speak for itself from now on. At least more so than before.

Lori Carson has a beautiful voice though, and were it not for her I probably would have never checked for this song in the first place. This is going back to 1994. Back when I used to like The Cranberries. Yup. I've got no shame.

Or should I? Either way, we're talking two completely different vocal styles. I'm pretty keen on how subtle the production is too.


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