Saturday, June 30, 2007

Half a year.

For a minute I thought that having both a dead camera and a dead laptop was annoying enough. Then last night/this morning I'm on my way home around 4 am and some douchebag steals my credit card and some cash from my wallet by literally slicing his way into my back pocket while I was sleeping upright.

Gotta hand it to you, Queens. Just when I thought I had enough to be frustrated about with my increasingly dilapidating technology in full swing, you gotta go ahead and throw me a curve ball with the identity theft. And to think I was actually getting over being the naive sonuvabitch I was, too.

Almost two years in this fuckin' city. I've gotten this far, so let's see if I can manage to pick up all the pieces before this summer ends.

FYI: My music is all on that dead laptop.

I hate making excuses. I should probably start creating entries from the office now, in any case.

Happy Fireworks and Barbecue Day if I don't speak to you beforehand.


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