Friday, April 06, 2007

Headphone Masterpieces #13.

Straight ripped that shit, kid.

M.O.P. - That's All We Know (sendspace link)
Iomas Marad - I Stand Alone (sendspace link)

eeling energetic or Mellow? That's the question I have concerning how you're feeling. Whichever mood you might be in, I present you with supplemental choices for this evening. First, we have an absolute banger of rare stature from M.O.P., and then a barebones headphone masterpiece that happens to be the opening cut from All-Natural stablemate Iomos Marad's debut album, Deep Rooted. Either way, these will do the trick, whichever your fancy may be.

So what's, I moved. Still in Astoria though. My room is bigger and admittedly better. A lot more personal space, and *ta-da* Internet works. Moreso than before, anyway. I've got the ill set-up in here, it's nice.

I recently managed to save 80 pages, about four years worth within, of entries from my last journal/blog. If I hadn't accidentally stumbled on the old website and seen in an itty bitty corner on the top left side of the screen, "Oh, by the way, we're shutting this down tomorrow," how would I have known otherwise. In conclusion, I just wanna pointlessly but justifiably give a very large FUCK YOU for the awful website, FUCK YOU for reeling me in, and HAHAHA for having that karma come back to you in the form of a newer website that poses as a half-assed version of youtube and myspace, which nobody likes might I add. Real smooth.

Rant over. Whaddup to my Candian peoples!

Happy Easter!



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