Wednesday, January 04, 2006

A little bit of this and a little bit of that.

Sometimes I have this strange sinking feeling I need to make more resolutions I know I can keep, without questionable distortion of the original intentions. So, I opted to leave the inevitable desires and necessities out of my resolutions this year. I soon plan on buying a lamenated map of NYC, including one with the subways on it, along with carefully chosen color pens/highlighters. I've decided, due to my ever increasing curiosity and wonder about the place I now call home, to mark my path. Everywhere I go, I'm gonna document through my map by colors, according to what mode of transportation I use, be it taxi, bus, subway, or just the ol' shoes on my feet.

New Year's Resolution for 2006: Explore as much of this city as possible with purpose, intent, and motivation. Even if I don't make it through all of Manhattan, exploring Queens, The BX, Brooklyn, or hell, even Staten Isle will be a feat to make up for that.

Maybe I have too much time on my hands. Maybe I'm in over my head on this one. But if I can't show a sense of coverage by the time half a year has gone by, I'm definitely not trying. Because considering the span I've covered in over four months, this game may prove pretty worthwhile.

I'll have plenty of time to do this tomorrow. I can see Murray Hill being covered in abundance, for one.

Meanwhile, not to make you think I posted a picture of one of my cats for no reason whatsoever, I'm posting a video on impulse because I just came across it after it apparently has been online for MONTHS. WHY DIDN'T ANYONE TELL ME. A PIECE OF MY okay I'll stop yelling. A piece of my childhood, and it was not brought to my attention! Nor to the attention of anyone else with such a good memory as mine.

It's baaaack.....The Cat Came Back! (short animation, 1988)

Who would have thought I would ever actually gotten the opp to see that awesome animation and Canadian sense of humor at work for the six year old in me? And what the hell were they smoking when they put eight to ten women tied up on train tracks. Genius, I tell you. All the way to the cow, even. Thanks, Cordell Baker.

Coming up later tonight if you're all good little Internet nerds: New J-Zone and Celph Titled. Together they are the Bo$$ Hog Barbarians, and if you're a fan of the Neptunes' hard-on for video games, well you're in luck, scenestahs. Stay tuned.


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