Thursday, January 12, 2006

One day, I had a taste for trout...

Okay, so I'm being a little unfair. Not like Jive Alive isn't my friend, comrade, fellow DJ, and sole influence of about eight different acts which I wouldn't even have given the time of day early on in my college years were it not for his intuition and knack for having a good ear towards almost everything. Basically, we're like the same person.

But the difference is, Jive can actually spin. And, furthermore, he can make mixes with a startling display of specific selection. So though it may be unfair that my immediate connection gets in the way of an unbiased opinion, keep in mind the simply yet trite adage: "When you're hot, you're hot, and when you're not, you're not." And after years of waiting for the sequel to all his rap mixes, he finally comes correct with this excellent mix of swing and vocal pop. Quoth the DJ,
"This disc is the result of about a years worth of digging through dollar bins and trying to work older tracks into the playlist of the Humble Drums radio show."

Good show too, currently being held down by a frequent collaborator Altruistic? every Sunday night from 8-10 pm EST. You can listen here (when you remember that is). It's my favorite show on the radio, simply because I have yet to hear anyone else doing what he's doing on the airwaves.

And likewise, Jive Alive keeps the spirit of being unpredictable in music selection going on this mix. Which you should all check out! Due to all the sample issues, Jive Alive is giving them away as promotional items for
The Get Right, his website which you may notice as already one of my standard links on the side of the page. My advice? Do yourself a favor and check it out. Dare I make this any more clear once again: THE ALBUM IS FREE.

And here's a sample track in case you need some more convincing:

Gale Garnett - "So Long" (mp3)

Just what you might need for those lonely winter nights when the snow is falling and you don't even feel like looking outside. There are quite a few other surprises on here which will definitely put you in that lethargic mood. And then some gems which make you want to shake up a martini and wear your best fedora. Something for everyone. Tony Bennett, Fifth Dimension, Sergio Mendes...hell, Jive even throws in some newer joints to keep the bread fresh.

Before I head out, I'd just like to say, I have no idea where my head was this week. First this guy comes into New York for his first time and crashes at my pad until Monday, then a friend comes through last night as soon I'm getting out of my acting class. I suppose I'm quite a popular person, but that's open for interpretation. All I know is, when things like this spontaneously happen, at least I have family members who watch Project: Runway to keep me posted on who's eliminated.

So now that I'm finally alone, I'm back just in time for tomorrow's weekly institution, Throwback Friday. I suppose I'm doing something right, I've been getting some positive feedback thus far, and I've barely started. Keep it coming, people. I'll be back tomorrow with updates and a whole lot of other goodies.


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