Saturday, January 14, 2006

Throwback Friday #2.

Friday was kinda busy and what's more, my computer wasn't really being cooperative last night, so sue me. I'm not one known for deadlines, but I can assure you this won't happen again. I have just the perfect song for this weekend. If you're looking outside at the same weather I am, this song will be perfect for you. On this edition of, Weekend, we cover some timeless jazz. Once again, I'm gonna use a rapidshare instead of a yousendit link unless someone says otherwise. I'm not looking to make these joints expire anytime soon.

Grover Washington, Jr. - Moonstreams (link)

The bookending wind effects make this song extra eerie, and it's simply a beautiful track. I don't know what I can really say about it. I guess I should point out it's one of those songs I can play over and over again and I would never get tired of it. I think I even played it on repeat while I went to sleep one night. Fuck those Mind Food tapes, gimme this song and I'll be set. Washington's sax has a somber voice on here that can make anyone chill out.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the spectrum, we have our boy DMX. From his second album Flesh of My Flesh, Blood of My Blood, comes probably one of the best and introspective tracks of his entire catalogue. And it samples our good friend Grover!

DMX - Slippin' (link)

Keep in mind I'm not the biggest fan of DMX. I have distinct memories of hearing his first album ad nauesum during my days of sleepaway camp at Frost Valley way back in '98, when the album was the hot commodity). Courtesy of this guy named Eric (what up kid), whom I've known as a rap head before I was even really becoming knee deep in the genre, the entire bunk was blessed nearly all the time with the raging sounds of Swizz Beatz layered under the growls and barks of the Dark Man.

Lucky for me, that association made me not so interested in checking for X's music after the summer ended. Which was a shame because, speaking on the present tense tip, I can totally see myself checking for songs like the one I just upped. Dare I ask my audience, if I like this track, what else has he put out that speaks in this manner?

As it turned out, DMX kinda fell off his rocker after about the third album (the last real big hit he had was probably "Party Up"), slippin' (hardy har har) into a trite territory of thug rap, getting arrested for really stupid shit, and talking about being a preacher thanks to a talk with that sneaky zealot Mase. He's also coming out with a new album on Sony Urban this year after three years of all his insane shenanigans. I think he's hit the crackpipe too hard. We'll see though.

I suppose I wasn't really missing much. Props to the boy DMX though for putting out a song that uses a great sample, instead of the usual Swizz Beatz style. Switchin' it up like any good artist should.

Now if only I could find out who the hell produced it. (update: DJ Shok, who produced a lot of shit in the Ruff Ryders camp. Also, for the visually stimulated: a video.)

Enjoy your weekend, I'll try getting to this again if I get the opp.


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