Friday, January 27, 2006

Throwback Friday #4.

Yeah, you could say that I've been going through the motions this week. You know, since there are no more days off for a while, and the weeks have become chockful of business from here on out, it makes sense how I could fall victim to the tide of forgetfulness. I didn't even download music, or even as much as listen to any music outside of the iPod while travelling throughout the metropolis. Considering I am a music nut, this should essentially clue you in to where my mind has been.

On the computer, yes, but more so in front of the TV. And boy do I hate it.

But let's digress, shall we? Thank Ghostface its Friday. Did I just say that? Well, why not. Right now he might as well be God since both the streets and the messageboards are more hyped than ever over
Fish Scale, which officially comes out a month from now. Get ready, its about to go down.

No, I'm not thinking about Cam'ron. Not thinking about Jay-Z. That's for the fourteen year olds to dwell on. I'm just thinking about dope old school mixes and how much I wish I was born ten years earlier. Adrien Brody and I would have rolled together, that's my word.

You guessed right: I read the Mass Appeal interview. Thirteen years it took to win an Oscar, damn. Am I willing to wait that long? If I start tomorrow I probably won't win an Oscar until I'm fuckin 50, and yes, that is plenty of time I am willing to take to have my dream come true.

On with the entry. Today's
Throwback Friday covers one of the all-time greats. We're also gonna take a trip down south, and backpeddle a few months to a REMIX to the hottest damn song of 2005.

But first the meat of this dish. YSI this time because, eh whatever, I'm STILL lazy after this week.

Willie Hutch - Tell Me Why Has Our Love Gone Cold (mp3 link)

A-ha! Sounds recognizable, right? This song is great though. Rest in peace to the god, he just passed away last September at the age of 60. And what a voice he had. Like for real, it's definitely its own instrument. He really knows how to do more than just
sing, laying the smack down on the funky rhythm, violins and all. I also am fond of Willie's guitar work on here, as I think it is absolutely is the secret weapon to making this song so desirable to Juicy and Paul. Presenting....

Three 6 Mafia feat. Trick Daddy, Slim Thug, & Project Pat - Stay Fly Remix (mp3 link)

Now, I know my audience. Aside from a few exceptions (hi, mom), I know that everyone reading this right now has more than likely heard the original version of this song. And likewise, I'm sure that a good majority of those rap fanatics have also heard the remix. But, we had to make choices, people!

Besides, how could I not give my props to Project Pat? I know nothing about this southern crunk shit like a lotta other bloggers do. Definitely not the best source for that. But if I learned anything from J-Zone's Ig'nant mix CD (the first one anyway, oh shit cousin I don't see you owning it!), I say, simply put, learn to appreciate. I ain't gonna be on no Three 6 dick now, that's not my style. But I definitely appreciate when a great song comes around. The production is obviously one of the best of 2005, whether its flipped for a remix or staying the course of its more familiar form. And what's more, it allows Three 6 the recognition among new and old heads alike that they're still in the game. Excellent choice of sample.

It's now time for me to part and stop rambling on about fluff. Gonna get my drink on down on Delancey (props to J-Logic---good lookin' out). Also, visit The Get Right again! Updated like craaazy: Copperpot interview and a conversation between Jive and Syl on beatmaking. Don't sleep.

I'm gonna write more this weekend, believe it!


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