Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Who's got the "skillz" now?

Ahhh, who thought it would kick off this way? Oh well. My boy PackFM, for all my rap fans out there, has started something a little new. See, VA's own Skillz has kinda fallen off on his yearly wrap-ups (still dope though, don't get it twisted). Last year, Pack even beat him to the chase cause Skillz didn't want to even do it for 2004. And this year was the same damn thing for S-k-i, and what do we get, a 7 minute track? Damn, man.

Enter the "Rap Preview 2006" by PackFM, the rapper who stands 5'7, but fights like he's 6'2. Known for packing a punch without going over the top, Pack is one of New York's most crafty and entertaining emcees, a figurehead at QN5 Music, and is soon to be dropping his debut album on the label sometime this year. Tonedeff already dropped his epic
Archetype last year, and now Pack is set to release WhutDoesFMStand4? Regarding this song you're about to hear, consider FM standing for "Freakin' Malicious." Er, or something. All I know is, someone had to say it about Mike Jones, Lil' Kim, Akon, and more names you probably heard too much of in 2005. I know I did.

Onward! "Rap Preview 2006" comes in two nifty download packages!

Street Version (Dirty) [192k Quality]
Radio Version (Clean) [256k Quality]

Props to the homie Pack for more entertaining shit, and let's hope the album is as hot as I think it's gonna be! If you want to learn more about the label, redirect your browsa, bowsa: peep the links on the side of this page and click "QN5 Music".

Meanwhile, I'm gonna nurse this mild fever and get some air. I can't wait to reveal my New Year's Resolution, heh.


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