Thursday, February 09, 2006

The Bard Rapper.

The Don.

They really need to press new versions of The Ruler's Back and Behind Bars. I can't find them anywhere. It's easy enough to find the undeniably classic debut album The Great Adventures of Slick Rick, and last studio release The Art of Storytelling (which is from like, 1999), but no sign of the others. Could there be a lack of demand? Or a tougher time getting ahold of the masters? Is Slick Rick even out of legal trouble? I would hope he is. I've been out of the loop, someone put me up on the scoop.


Slick Rick feat. Doug E. Fresh - Sittin In My Car

This is an old, lesser known track, stemming from the Behind Bars album. Teaming up with his beatboxing partner in crime, Doug E. Fresh, they manage to create another perfect collaboration. Unlike "La Di Da Di" (one of the most quotable rap songs of all time by the way), this track is sprinkled with some lush piano, instead of just the simple and sparse beatboxing, to back the excellent storytelling Rick is so renown for. In this story, Rick is merely trying to get a little play on the side with a girl's best friend. Like any respectable pimp. Highlights include Ricky D singing the chorus and hitting all the right notes, and the nostaglic feel that this track was recorded seven years earlier (it's from 1994, in actuality).

Oh boy, in other news...four years of my old journal all gone. Nothing was saved. Stupid + faulty computer x X many days that I could have actually used to save the entries before the server inevitably switched, but was instead too sidetracked to remember = Deserved Fate. I tried my best to keep whatever I could, but by the time I found out that the problem wasn't an overstocked hard drive but merely a shitty laptop mousepad, it was simply too late. The Past Is Full Of more. The past is dead, officially. All I have left are the memories in my head.I found it. What a fuckin' scare that was.

Ooh! Also...I forgot about watching the Grammy's last night but I guess that's fine because I DON'T CARE. But thank god for the Internet, which in record time accumulated a video of the Gorillaz performing "Feel Good, Inc."...with De La Soul, of course, live and totally in effect! Talk about awesome. I mean, De La performing on Carson Daly's Last Call show was pretty sweet even though it was MF DOOM performing that was the bigger deal. Still, these are the Grammy Awards, not a late night talk show! Dope exposure tactic, boys.

If you didn't see it, "get it get it" right here. Don't mind the second part with that bitch Madonna. I didn't, at least.

Throwback Friday
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