Thursday, February 23, 2006

More Optimism.

This week has been going by too quickly. Kinda overwhelmed a bit right now. Through numerous different outlets I've got new prospective employment oppurtunities and while that's pretty consuming in itself, I'm barely able to wrap my head around how I'm gonna manage my money this weekend to help towards rent. I've been sending out resumes like a madman. "On my grizz" as J-Logic would call it.

I need music like this to keep me at ease from the mental loopiness.

Massive Attack - Be Thankful For What You Got
(rapidshare link)

From their first album,
Blue Lines, which I'm still on the hunt for. I'm sure I could find it sitting in a record store somewhere deep in the confides of the city streets. The lyrics have a slight cliche factor to them, but in 1991 this kind of song fit perfectly well alongside all the other dance hits. Not to state the obvious here, but I dunno, it makes me learn to appreciate that whatever might be going on is only a blip on the radar compared to what could be going on. I just gotta hang in there like that damn kitten. That damn kitten.

Throwback Friday tomorrow. A special one too! How special, you ask? Let's just a necessary shot of espresso to start your day, having a double dose is even better.


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