Monday, February 06, 2006

Sometimes a line needs to be drawn.

Seriously, I hate that dude.

Fuck Tony Parker. And no, I ain't hatin' cause he's French. I'm hating because reportedly he admitted to actually melting one of his two championship rings, for his girlfriend's necklace. His girlfriend, as well as my future girlfriend in an alternative universe, Eva Longoria. I guess I missed the boat on this tidbit about the necklace, since looking back this factoid has been available to the public domain for a couple of months.

Still though. I'm starting to think this hot celebrity dating fad brings a certain degree of douchebag out of the the player. Kinda like
Rick Fox. Likewise, it brings a softbatchness that can only be rivaled currently by Doug Christie.

Parker, if this is a is a sign of things to come, I sincerely hope you can take solace in the hard truth that vous, mon ami, êtes puss-ee-whipped. And that you're a disgrace to your team legacy over
a girl. The hard part for me to swallow is that if it was me going out with Eva I'd probably do something stupid like that too. Love is pretty stupid when you get stuck in it like Tony did.

I decided to upload the first song that I felt went along in the vein of this resentment/pity.

Louis Logic - The Rest

Okay, so the premise of the song has only a little to do with the entry. But it totally does mirror the whole farce of being head over heels for the dopest female. Louis has the tendency to write those songs about relationships which totally pass as acceptable and relatable to even the average alphamale. And is it any surprise that some jocks actually are closet emo fans? Thank god Louis Logic knows better than to cater to that style. His influences come from a more indie-sensibile approach, anyway. So though it may not sound anything like your typical rap love song or, likewise, your typical mysognistic rap about sex, it definitely is not a sad bastard lament. It's simply good satirical music. And, it retains the ability to be listened to, past novelty status.

As usual, the JJ Brown production is excellent. In fact, it's great throughout the entire album. You should check it out if you haven't yet, its a pretty great debut to come from the left field of the underground realm.
Sin-a-matic is the name, it came out in 2003. Three years later, this spring, Misery Loves Comedy will be dropping on Fat Beats Records, so look out for more new Louis to drop. Or, if you're so inclined, why not take a gander at his superbly abundant website.

Moral of the entry: Compared to Eva Longoria, the rest to Tony Parker are la doo-doo (
Look out for the Charlie Brown homage near the end of the song). My advice? Marry her already, you jackass. Save us the frustration while its still early enough.


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