Thursday, February 02, 2006

A Tale of Two Beats.

Fuck a groundhog, wer'e gonna bring back summer one lick at a time!

Sometimes you just have to go with your best intuition. When I hear two songs with the exact same production but created by two different producers, I can't help but just scratch my head, shrug, and not show allegiance to one more than the other.

C-Rayz Walz and Bahamadia are both excellent rappers. But C-Rayz is kinda one of my favorite working rappers of the moment, and what's more is that I haven't heard Bahamadia drop anything in a minute. If this was a Project Runway challenge, C-Rayz would be using a lot of denim, while Bahamadia would go straight for the silk.

All praise to me for fitting in a Project Runway reference. Scoooore. Moving on...

Not sure how much you've heard of her, but Philly's First Lady can flow. She's excellent at wordplay, though certainly not as crafty as Jean Grae I would venture to say. What she may not have in memorable and distinguishable one liners she makes up with probably one of the most distinguishable female rap voices. This is a remix of one of her original tracks from her 1996 debut album, Kollage. The remix however I believe is quite new, from 2004. Who the other female emcee is, I have no idea. All I know is, this shit is butter.

Bahamadia - Uknowhowedu (Ski Remix)

Meanwhile, in the other corner, we have our creamcheese; the Sun Cycle Emcee with a track from 2001, one of his earlier joints laced by 4th Pyramid, "Make It Happen". Incidentally, this track inspires me to go back to Ithaca and do a cover: because this shit would sound great with live instrumentation.

C-Rayz Walz - Make It Happen

C-Rayz rides the beat better in my opinion. It just feels more filled up with those guitar jabs during the hook, exemplified by the Biz Markie Syndrome; rappers who think they can sing. Like Biz, the lines in this song are comedy or at most times just plain clever such as: "Life is funny but I'm dead serious when I laugh/underground lines like Jersey that stay on PATH." I would totally remake this song if I had any shred of...ooooh I dunno...cadence, maybe? C-Rayz and Bahamadia definitely are two emcees who are known for that anyway.

Okay, some good shit coming tomorrow for Throwback Friday. Get ready. Otherwise, I'm still in awe of how quickly this week went by. Now that its February, let's hope that nothing bad happens (this month isn't very nice to me usually, V-Day and a certain sister's birthday aside).


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