Friday, February 17, 2006

Throwback Friday #6.

Feel the wrath of my sash!

It's been a productive week, with nice weather to boot. Of course this weekend is going to be completely different because like the train schedule, the weather needs to take a break too from being overly convenient to living. Goddamn, listen to me. I sound so spoiled, like I refuse to ever deal with snow ever again. Gotta get outta that head...

Listen, all I heard was that it was going to be cold. Whether or not snow will be involved is another thing entirely. I'm going one day at a time, y'know? Kinda like how I plan my weekends, in accordance to my preferred nightlife bible/torah/koran/Vogue (hey, blame Miss Parker for that analogy, not me) of choice: Fusicology. Go to the side links, you should find it under "Shameless promotion". If you're like me and are at a complete loss as to how to go through a weekend in a cultural epicenter and have fun, that site might do you some good. Currently, they're working with NY, LA, Chicago, and the most recent addition, Toronto. Props to DS for putting me onto the damn thing. Very deep scooping going about there as far as the skinny on nightlife is concerned.

Also, shout out to Oh Word for including me on their list of Jay Dee tribute links. Comprehensive list if I ever saw one, yessir. Geez, is it fair to say that I suddenly feel so awkward that I'm apart of something so big? That's a nerdy feeling if I ever felt one.

So yeah, its Friday. And ooh do I feel like having fun with today's Throwback or what. But the problem with this Throwback is that there's very little information about it. I think that might be the most extensive and easily abbreviated information about him on the web, so no need for me to transcribe. I'll be straightforward: I simply was trying to find the sample to a slightly recent (2003) track by Big Noyd.

But first thing's first.

Phil Hurtt - Giving It Back (rapidshare link)

As soon as that piano riff comes in it's a hot song. The base drum comes in, it's a head nodder. Then the bass starts getting serious, and you know where this is going. Disco/pop sensibility, but unlike, say "Funky Town" for example, it's an epic and upbeat soul number that never comes down from its cloud. Feel Good Music, literally.

Then that motherfucker Alchemist had to go there, didn't he. Didn't he. Motherfucker, he did.

Big Noyd w/ Havoc - Air It Out (rapidshare link)

Typical fanfare, considering Noyd was a Mobb Deep affiliate from the get-go. But goddamn I can't front on that beat, an excellent choice for sure. The song executes its mission of that pure unadulterated East Coast rap I've grown to appreciate even more. You come to learn that each borough has its own sound, for the most part.

Of course, the majority of credit for the quality sound really goes to our boy Al, who never seems to cease in showing his ability in finding the essence of the rapper's known environment with every track he makes. They say the proof is in the pudding--- need more convincing? Well he gave T.I. and Lloyd Banks, among others, some SERIOUS BANGERS for his 1st Infantry album, that's truth. Listen to that whole album if you can, I'm so surprised how slept on it got outside of "Hold You Down" (which wasn't even close to being the album's best track).

Point is, Alchemist is one of the few dudes I see producing who is constantly going all over the map, geographically and musically. Maybe I'm going little over my head in this regard (really, when am I never though), but could he more in demand than ever before? Al doesn't know any boundaries. After all, he's been Eminem's
official in-house DJ for a minute now, and yet he's still cooking up Dilated Peoples some true headnodders like, most recently, "Back Again"
(love that video too, Krondon and all). Am I missing something here? I mean c'mon, remember "Searching For Bobby Fischer"? I guess beef got squashed under the radar.

Okay, I'm getting waaaayy off track. My bad. Enjoy the tracks. Summary in three parts: Alchemist is one of the better producers of this new millenium. Big Noyd is limited as an artist, but thankfully his guest spots are always dope. Phil Hurtt needs more funny pictures of himself. The end.


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