Friday, February 24, 2006

Throwback Friday #7.

9th Wonder alongside his long lost, much whiter twin brother.

I would like to take this time to apologize to my readership for keeping it shorter than usual today. I've been tired and very stressed out, BUT, I will not let life get me down as I covered in my last entry. And furthermore, I won't let little shit stop me from delivering my promise! Double trouble for today's edition.

The Stylistics - One Night Affair

Little Brother w/ Joe Scudda - Lovin It

9th beats by now are pretty predictable. But predictable doesn't necessarily mean bad. If you have a formula that works, stay with it, I say.

The Stylistics joint is dope, and 9th flipped it well for the single "Lovin It" which has a video I was in but extremely AWOL from in the final cut (Jive! You took it off your server! Proof in the pudding accidentally swallowed up! Noooo!). No biggie. It was a well spent day in Park Slope. I appreciate this joint after hearing the way it was chopped up. All the right vocal crescendos make an appearance.

Arthur Verocai - Caboclo

Little Brother w/ Chaundon - We Got Now

Not really a fan of the album closer too much, but I absolutely adore the sample. You can actually find it on Verocai's self-titled album dating back to 1972. Maybe one of the reasons I've been vibing to it is due to constantly bumping it, but the real reason might be my growing love and appreciation for Brazilian music, as well as Afrocuban and Bossanova. Thank Blog for Captain's Crate in that case.

Please, do yourself a favor and stop hating on Little Brother. They are dope. You just get bored too easily. You're probably American if that's the case, which is pretty reasonable logic since Americans after all are known for having pretty short attention spans.

Or is that just an inherently human trait that goes beyond habitat. Hmm.

Steve Francis had a respectable debut as a Knick earlier tonight despite yet another loss. Obviously, like every other fan/mourner of Knicks, I'm still shaking my head in disbelief at Isiah Thomas. At this point, Isiah might as well go ahead and trade the best player New York has, Channing Frye, for Antoine "Comedic Relief" Walker, in an effort to indefinitely tarnish whatever credibility the Knicks might still have left. At this point, it seems like there will never be hope. Poor Larry Brown. He didn't deserve this.

Anyway...I ain't thinking about a lot aside from myself these days. Sometimes you gotta be selfish. I feel like an asshole, that being said, but at least this is (potentially) temporary. I should get some sleep.


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