Sunday, March 05, 2006

Free ghetto passes for everyone! Hooray!


This is what happens when I decide to miss SNL (as usual). Big whoop. Highlight.

I officially want to marry Natalie now, let it be known. I've wanted to for about seven years as it stands. But now, it's very much decided without any drawbacks. And mark my words, I will stop at nothing.

Unless one lucky woman can successfully woo me before I get to Natalie. Or, likewise, Natalie manages to get married before I can get to her. It's fine with me, I've got time. But otherwise, don't even think of stopping me.

Okay, so anyway, this is fine and all, but hold the phone, THREE SIX MAFIA WON THE ACADEMY AWARD FOR BEST ORIGINAL SONG.

The performance was pretty cool. But the acceptance speech was better. See for yourself here. Even if you've already seen it, you're gonna wanna see it again, that's for sure. You should have heard me when they announced the winner, I practically woke up my roommate.

Also, haha to Crash winning. A movie with Ludacris beats out the Brokeback Mountin'. This is gonna be a real fun topic of conversation tomorrow, I can sense it.

God bless the Academy. Damn.


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