Saturday, March 11, 2006

Headphone masterpieces #6.

What beautiful weather we had today. I wish I got to wake up earlier to enjoy it. I was unfortunately plagued with some form of an earache that wouldn't quit (nothing like getting woken up from pain at 4 in the morning). Feeling a little groggy in the head, I opted to sleep it off with the ipubrofen at work. Now I'm generating resumes from my local coffeeshop/home away from home away from home.

Let's take a break though, shall we?

Mike Ladd - Wipe Out On The Wave Of Armageddon (rapidshare link)

Why do I feel like I posted this already? I didn't after a thorough check, but I could have sworn I talked about this track already. Ladd is dope. He's the guy responsible for the albums by the Majesticons and Infesticons, as well as the upcoming Domesticons. He performed a show this past Thursday. A shame I didn't know about it, but then again I couldn't go anyway due to work (I damn missed the entirety of the free Fat Beats jump-off as well). Anyway, a lot of his music is a bit much for me, but goddamn does he ever earn my respect, simply because he doesn't settle for one genre. He's a rapper, spoken word artist, producer, DJ...yeah, he definitely does it all. He started out doing rock shit before he even got into spoken word. Enough said, he's been around for quite a while, pushing out product since 1997 with the release of Easy Listening 4 Armageddon.

I need to get more versed with the Ladd catalog, true indeed. Only a handful of tracks have I gotten to hear. This track in particular comes off of his second album, Welcome to the Afterfuture, released in 2000. Really nice, regardless of what time it is. Completely ready for private listening pleasure, full of squelching sounds and an engaging bassline. Play this while coming down from a wild night of recklessness and debauchery.

I hope to have something in that regard soon without feeling the grips of financial limitations.


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