Wednesday, March 22, 2006

No groin disposition, but almost a panic attack.

Temping some more for the remainder of the week and then next week I start a new job. So something at least is surfacing but don't worry! I'll be sure to leave the bitching to myself, and save you my audience the trouble of hanging on to my every last word of weekly struggle.

Oh, right. A song. This one's for Kim.

Gore Gore Girls - I'm Gonna Get You Yet (rapidshare link)

You'd think it was recorded in the 80's or something, but this is straight outta White Stripes land, Detroit. Before "garage rock revival" was on a national level.

I gotta do some laundry. Enjoy this in the meantime. I'll be back tomorrow with something witty and insightful. Here's to hoping, anyway.


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