Thursday, March 16, 2006


One more.

There's nothing more painful and real than seeing a grown man cry. Especially when it's over a best buddy. In this scenario, we have my father, who very much had a special bond with the male counterpart of our family feline duo.

Taken in as more than just pets since 1993, our cats developed personalities very quickly. To my surprise, these personalities at the time seemed very uncatlike to a certain degree. You expect cats to be either those self-absorbed creatures who want to be left alone, or these constant attention seekers who nuzzle the shit out of your leg like it was made out of catnip. Although both Peppy and Cupcake exhibited the range of expected attitudes to come from a cat, the balance was extremely precise. Too precise. Almost like the cats had studied our ways.

For as long as I can remember, Peppy had that capability more so than Cupcake, and for this and this alone was the main reason to how my dad got so attached to this stupid cat in the first place. And as we buried Peppy behind our house at 11 pm on a cold Tuesday night, I finally understood how much their relationship meant to him. The most remarkable discovery I made through this experience was an admission he made: that he couldn't believe the magnitude of his own reaction. We all saw it coming, however. I suppose the famous adage "You don't realize what you've got until its gone" stands true here.

Peppy was sick for a few months, suffering from lung and heart problems. I actually remember when he was given the diagnosis in the fall. So in a sense we all were, or at least should have been, prepared for the outcome. It just came a little too suddenly, is all. You work so hard medicating a cat for several months and, well, relapse is a reality for all creatures, regardless of what they are.

In the past year, I've dealt with a family friend's fatal illness, a classmate's suicide, the sudden death of a kid sister I never had, and now the passing on of a great fuckin' cat, who exuded more personality than I get from most dogs, let alone most people. I wish I got to know him better in his last remaining days. Rest in peace to one cool cat.

I don't have any songs to put up in homage of a deceased cat. I don't know if I even know of any songs that are. This song seemed really quite lovely though, so I decided to put it up because it stuck out in my head more clearly than others while on route to the "funeral".

Morgana King - A Song For You (rapidshare link)

You know...not to stray far from the entry's direction or anything, but I would like to make one thing clear about this song. It is a sample, yes. Used in Sole's "Bottle Of Humans". I could have saved this entry for tomorrow, but its St. Patrick's Day and a special tenth edition of Throwback Friday. And, being the compulsive consistency stickler that I am or at least try to be, I wanted to insist that I usually wouldn't be wasting a perfectly feasible Throwback on an off-day. This is what will end up being one of those rare instances.

Enjoy this gorgeous track.


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