Friday, March 17, 2006

Throwback Friday #10.

Don't be a stranger now.

First of all, Rest In Peace. Just when I was finally starting to get into their catalog too. X was dope. Yet another timeless artist to pass on.

I had such a great entry planned, I didn't wanna get off track. I think I'll post a track tomorrow.

For today's Throwback, one of the greatest TV theme songs ever.

David Pomeranz - Nothing's Gonna Stop Me Now (rapidshare link)

I just played this for my roommate just now. Even after all the years of not hearing it, she completely remembered all the words. After all, this is one of those opening numbers you never forget. Pretty much all the shows in the old TGIF line-up follow this code. But only this one speaks directly to the starving artists of the world. Let's dissect.

Sometimes the world looks perfect. Nothing to rearrange. Sometimes you get a feeling, like you need some kind of change. No matter what the odds are this time, nothing's going to stand in my way! This flame in my heart, and a long lost friend, gives every dark street a light at the end.

Standing tall, on the wings of my dream. Rise and fall, on the wings of my dream.

The rain and thunder! The wind and haze! I'm bound for better days. It's MY life and MY dream. Nothing's going to stop me now.

How grand of a message! Did you know David Pomeranz has done several other notable projects aside from Perfect Strangers? Check out his website so I can stop talking about him.

Now, you might be wondering to yourself who would have the insanity to flip a sample outta this song. Well, good news. I have two songs for you. One is a parody, and one is a....novelty, we'll say.

First, the novelty.

Rappers Anonymous Posse - The Stranger (TGIF) (direct link! OMG)

These guys entertain the fuck out of me. Honestly, take my word for it when I say these guys are pure hilarity and not embarassing. If you don't get it, look here at the top of the page, and check out some more of their songs. It takes some time to appreciate.

And now, the parody.

Isaac Jones feat. Kev Brown - Perfect Strangers (rapidshare link)

Now the thing is that I can't find any information about this track. But I assure you the basics are in tact. Incidentally, I've had this track in my posession for precisely a year. I really wish I had more details. But I'll do my best...

Basically, from what I recall, this track was meant to be a Dipset parody. And how about that, it ends up accomplishing its thesis quite masterfully. Although not in the vein of the Dipset we know at the moment, this brings us back to the early years, circa early "aughts" as they are apparently called, where they created a much more benevolent sound. But still ridiculous nonetheless.

I mean, let's be serious. We're talking about the same crew who sampled "We Built This City". That's enough reason to see how Kev could tap into another epic number for inspiration on mirroring that aesthetic. I just wish I knew when this was made. Keep an ear out for a bunch of quotables from Kev. My favorite is when he recites a section of the alphabet.

If you're not familiar with the Low Budget Crew, Kev's crew out of the D.C.-Maryland area, which has since expanded, school yourself, fool! Ken Starr, Oddisee, and plenty others round out the group of talented artists. Don't sleep.

Oh, before I go celebrate in lieu of the St. Patty's Day madness, gotta give a shout to my long time friend Ryan Reich (check his photomontages when you get a chance---on the side). He turned 22 today. Because of this, I must give him the proper respect: another edition of The Most Compressed Birthday Presents Ever. And since Ryan is a huge Soul Coughing fan like myself, I'm gonna post an excellent live version of "Mr. Bitterness".

Soul Coughing - Mr. Bitterness (live) (rapidshare link)

Happy birthday, Ryan!

Alright, enough of this writing shit. RIP once again to Professor X.


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