Friday, March 24, 2006

Throwback Friday #11.

"I wish I were a member of the firing squad...le sigh..."

Now is the time of the year when this weekly custom gets me all excited more so than other weeks; for the sheer reason that, of course, this week will so far be the best one yet. This week on Throwback Friday, we get to witness the marriage of an irresistible jazz ditty from France and a hardcore rap classic straight outta Brooklyn.

Those who had me as a friend on myspace since the beginning just about, I used to have a song on my page. You may remember it, but if not, fear not, because I'm about to put you up on what you missed.

Michel Legrand - Sweet Gingerbread Man (rapidshare link)

Legrand, the Academy Award winning bandleader/producer who was down with Miles and Quincy and hasn't stopped making music since the fifties, wrote this back in 1970 for the film The Magic Garden of Stanley Sweetheart, which incidentally stars a very young Don Johnson as the lead role (first movie he was was ever in, actually). I think I wanna see it.

About the soundtrack....heh, well, this track is on the same album as War's "Magic Mountain". I'd say that's already pretty nifty. A live version is also available on 1976's The Concert Legrand. This song makes me wanna come up with my own dance to it. My own special whiiiiite persoooooon dance.

One of the very few songs I can hear over and over and over again, and never get tired of. DJ Premier probably felt the same way too when he looped a sample from it and constructed arguably his most impressive beat ever, at least for Brownsville's own Mash Out Posse.

M.O.P. - Breakin' The Rules (rapidshare link)

Did I ever drop any hints to any of you that I've basically become a fan of M.O.P. only within the last year or so? It started technically around "Ante Up", "Cold As Ice", and that X-Ecutioners jump-off "Let It Bang", all around my freshman year of college. But then through the continuation of appreciation for their sound and a newfound respect after seeing how well they can cantrol a live crowd (thus the reason why they don't tour, regardless of a 50 Cent blockade or not) and get everyone hype as fuck, I have officially become completely enthralled with their music.

London has their grime and garage. New York has Billy and Fame. Our city doesn't need a whole genre to hype us up, all you need to do at New York show is play "How About Some Hardcore" over a loudspeaker and the venue could be shaken apart if you're in the right place at the right time of night.

And so this song is yet another perfect M.O.P. anthem, a 21 gun salute like any other if you will, leaving all other carbon copy rap duos trailing behind. What M.O.P. may lack in capability to stray away from sheer raw lycial abrasiveness, they make up for by delivering it all over ill production, thankfully supplied for the most part by Primo over their twelve years in the game. This song is no exception, and serves as the opening track of their 1998 album First Family 4 Life. Who woulda thought a group like them would fall into the G-Unit web of misplaced thuggery.

That being said, what a tangled web 50 weaves for himself. Primo is making Nas's new album. 50 is putting out M.O.P.'s new album.
AZ dissed 50. M.O.P. disses AZ. Rap is outta control as my man Mindbender, constantly put it.

Maybe I should get up away from the computer now. I think I've written enough. Expect a much more consistent schedule now (I actually didn't quite make it home last night but that was a rare instance). I have more music to share, oh so much music to share. I need something else to talk about, clearly.


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