Friday, March 10, 2006

Throwback Friday #9.

...There we go.

First of all, rest in peace to Christopher Wallace aka the Notorious one. Yesterday marked the ninth anniversary of his death.

Now we move on.

Today for Throwback Friday, a highly exalted band's least acknowledged single, and a highly regarded obscure single from Def Jam's least acknowledged group. (hey, that actually worked I think)

The Who released an album in 1982, my year of birth. It's Hard apparently failed to make a blip on the radar, but this song stood the test of time because of its accessible raw sound which made The Who so popular to begin with. This song doesn't really give me the chills, but it shuts me up pretty quickly. And then I start to groove to that synth riff, which is simply killer. But the guitar coming in is a nice compliment to say the least. This song goes nearly two minutes in with no singing from Pete. Pretty damn stellar joint, not much else to say but rock out to this!

The Who - Eminence Front (rapidshare link)

I didn't grow up listening to The Who so I'm learning slowly. I ran across this song for the first time while watching VH1 Classic one time. I was already initially familiar with the song that samples it, after some historical audioblog digging myself...

Downtown Science - This Is A Visit (rapidshare link)

I'm gonna refer you to Matt's write up from a few months back where he touches on Sam Sever. Very detailed, very informative about the back story on the track and the group in general. I will be simple though, in saying that why Bosco Money isn't rapping now is a mystery to me. What cadence that dude has! Good wordplay too.

I love the way Sever samples the riff. I should also add that this track wasn't the only one to sample The Who track. Sever (obviously) produced "Pop Goes The Weasel", 3rd Bass's infamous Vanilla Ice dis, and used the track, but he didn't utilize the sample in the same way at all. What's more, not as extensively. Here we get to hear the sample looped like it should sound...hypnotic as fuck too! Enjoy!

I need another job in a serious way. So many forms of employment right now, yet so little money. Come on, March! Don't do this to me!


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