Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The world crashes into my living room...

Time to rumble.

All those years in college of watching next to no television whatsoever have been made up for within the past year since graduating. Having cable is a great thing. And of course, if you know me well, this upcoming weekend is going to be a big weekend.

1. Final Four!

Obviously. My boy Chris is a sophomore at George Mason and I've been quietly rooting for them since their inception into the second round. I admit though, I definitely didn't think they were gonna make it this far, but fuck it you know what? Right on, I say. Even if they don't win against Florida (who really are picking up the pace here, especially with Joakim Noah being an absolute
beast on the floor), I'd bet that this won't be the last time they make a playoff appearance. They're just that good. Look at Arizona some ten years ago. Anything can happen.

Meanwhile, I hope LSU beats UCLA merely because seeing either an LSU-GMU or LSU-Florida Final would be such a fuckin' great game. But what do I know. Usually I'm totally off, regarding these kinds of things. On the other hand though, who hasn't been this time around. Seems like everyone's brackets are fucked up for good now, right?

Anyway. Both games are on Saturday on CBS. George Mason and Florida at 6 pm EST, and UCLA and LSU at 8:45 pm EST.

2. Wonder Showzen Season 2 Premiere!

You might notice my user profile image and my buddy icon on AIM--- both characters from this amazing show I saw for the first time last year at the infamous 32-04 (all IC kids know the deal) while under the influence of something fiercly elevating. You might have also noticed how I put a link on the side of this page for some time, of some shoddy YTMND creation paying homage to the segment "Animal Dance." I have abstained from talking about Wonder Showzen a lot though in my entries just cause, and its paid off until now. Friday at 9:30 pm EST on MTV2. Allow me to offer a promo commercial that's been airing for a minute now and is currently still fucking with my head.

If writing about it doesn't make my preparation any more apparent, get this: the Season 1 DVD came out yesterday and I just picked it up. All 8 episodes, plus a modest dose of extras: guest commentary, a segment featuring Flava Flav, plus auditions and outtakes. It's ALL MINE. I'm officially pumped for the return of my favorite show of the moment.

3. Degrassi: The New Generation marathon!

Okay, this one doesn't really count, but next week, new episodes commence on The N with the season premiere on Friday the 7th. It's this weekend though, every night from Friday to Sunday between 6 pm and 6 am, that a bootyload of past episodes will air. Some of which I never saw, mainly from the last season though.

I will be the only one I know watching it. High five.


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