Saturday, April 15, 2006

Headphone masterpieces #9.

Flashback to about a month and a half ago: I was talking about learning more about Brazilian music. And sure enough inbetween then and now I picked up a copy of the newest Wax Poetics issue that has a nice spread on the Black Rio movement. It's a terrific issue not only because of this, but because it has a very rare interview with Bill Withers...since when does he do interviews? Pick that issue up if you can, because it will then save me looking like a doof talking about stuff I don't know. So in the meantime, I'm gonna focus on today's entry and give you a pretty fantastic Headphone Masterpiece.

Banda Black Rio - Melissa (sendspace link)

Props once again to the Captain's Crate who has since taken this song off their server after dropping it on the blogosphere about a year ago. This cut comes off an album they released in 1980, called Saci Perere, named after a impish (and gimpish, too) forest protector in Brazilian folklore who terrorized humans for fun. The album got repressed last year, thus the reason for all the immense hoopla for this band's catalog at present time.

This song in particular is perfect for private listening because...well, goddamn, just listen. How many different things are honestly going on at one time? You got the horn section, the vocal harmonies, the bass in your face, that a jug someone's blowing into? See, its this kinda music that really envelops you in good vibrations. Yet another track to bump while the sun shines on this sad, thirsty world. Play this as it reaches dusk and the temperature is about to cool down.

This entry is dedicated to my newfound friend, first time reader, and inspiration for this entry's focal point, Luciana. If it wasn't for her I wouldn't have been able to drop knowledge about Brazilian folklore kiiid. Hah. Big shout.


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