Thursday, April 06, 2006

Radio Refreshments #2.

Jact - (Through With) Excuses (sendspace link)

Good news, y'all. I decided once and for all that for the time being I am going to use a better site for downloading. Less complicated, and plenty of shelf life until expiration., Jact. Probably haven't heard of them right? It's cool. They only released one self-titled album which I can assure you I've never even heard, but thanks to WDST back in my days of sophomore year of high school, I was at least able to appreciate the single which I have now dug from the depths of my collection. Going back to 1999, the music is polished, catchy, and totally brash. It may not be up to par with the Pogues or Billy Joel, but this is one of those songs that was destined to be converted into a classic singalong at your local pub. Works for me, anything is better than "Pour Some Sugar On Me" (I hereby swear that if I hear that song in any bar I walk into, I will promptly walk out).

I wanna see some jazz shows. Thinking of seeing Chick Corea on Tuesday night. It's expensive though, damn! What do you think? Anyone here like to go to jazz shows at Blue Note or Birdland?

Boy do I owe you some good shit tomorrow or what. Stay tuned.


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