Thursday, April 13, 2006

Radio Refreshments #3.

The Tragically Hip - Bobcaygeon (sendspace link)

Suppose I was Canadian for a second. How fuckin' dope would that be? I'd have an excuse to be a Degrassi fanatic, it would be expected for me to be a nice guy, and I could smoke pot as liberally as I want. Plus, I wouldn't have to complain about spending my tax money on meaningless war.

But I'm not. And so, I carry on as an American. I am content.

Some bands I probably would have gotten into more earlier on in life, were it not for being American: Sloan, Elbow, and The Tragically Hip. For the latter case I bring a song that graced the radio in 1998 for the first time. The second single off of their eighth album Phantom Power (the first being "Poets" and the third being "Fireworks"), "Bobcaygeon" tells the story about an officer who, while in the midst of trying to subdue a riot, longs for his loved one so much that he can't even concentrate on the commotion.

It happens to be a really beautiful song and it's perfect for the spring weather we got (especially today!), because from the look of it, the town's beauty was perfectly captured in this track. And what of geography; Bobcaygeon is located in a waterway, as one of many cities nestled in the heart of the Kawartha Lakes in the province of Ontario, the home of the Hip. Although, they are from Kingston, which is more in the Southern tier, whereas Bobcaygeon is more in the North country. Eh? Got it? Some geography fo yo bacon.

This is good for me though, seriously. I would love to visit Canada again, and this entry merely enstills me with some adamance for yet another area to check out and visit. As of now, I have Vancouver, Lake Louise, and...hell, Bobcaygeon. Why not. If the town is as wistful and majestic as its musical homage, consider me a naive tourist in the making.

By the way, I think Gordon Downie's voice is one of the most unique voices in rock music, and works to great effect here. Also, I think Gordon Downie is one of the best names for band frontman ever. Aside from Gruff Rhys I guess. That isn't even his real name though!

Another Throwback Friday on deck. And from the looks of the forecast, another rainy day. Thank god I get to sleep in tomorrow!


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