Thursday, April 20, 2006

Radio Refreshments #4.

Edwyn Collins - A Girl Like You (sendspace link)

Quite the holiday today! Hope everyone who observed it had fun...

It's been an unpredictable week Very little sleep, but quite a bit of productivity. Let's see what this weekend brings us. For now, let's take it back to 1994 for this week's Radio Refreshment.

"A Girl Like You" was prominently featured on the soundtrack to Empire Records (yet another movie with a soundtrack that was the more successful of the two). I remember hearing this on the radio for the first time and not even being able to comprehend how it was a current track. Smart pop music is supposed to do that, I suppose. Throw off your entire perception of what is pop. It's the reason why "Hey Ya" was such a craze.

The guitar riff is instant classic.

More goodies tomorrow. I need to get some sleep!


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