Tuesday, April 04, 2006

With a key in the ignition...

"How the fuck do a Ferrari end up in a rose bush?"

All that television I talked about watching a few entries back? Didn't happen. As it is, they didn't show a lot of the Degrassi episodes I needed to watch, and the final three games of the Final Four were all apparently really disappointing blowouts (congrats to Florida). The only thing I really missed was the Wonder Showzen season premiere, but I got to see the second half of it on Saturday when I got back from an entire day of being away from my apartment. It was pretty amazing, gotta say...

Now I'm just concerned about missing the Degrassi season premiere on Friday but you know what? Fuck it, there's something else going on that's even better....read on to find out.

Last night's show was dope once again, seeing the QN5 fam come through to a pretty damn live show at the Knitting Factory. Probably about a hundred heads came through at least. Highlights of course was seeing PackFM who especially rocked most energetically (to pre-order his album, click here), Tonedeff who of course dazzled the crowd as always, and my homies the Cunninlynguists who performed three new songs from A Piece of Strange and personally made me wile the fuck out.

Other performances were Session, Mecca, Subconscious, Pumpkinhead (with members of The Plague in tow), and Substantial. Stan, who's basically the nicest dude ever and one hell of a performer, is rocking a stage once again this Friday, with a special guest. I suggest if you don't want to pay all the money to see this show, you should come out to Brooklyn and support real hip-hop without paying more than FIVE DOLLARS. Shit is crazy...

Syl is coming down on Friday so it will most definitely be on. And then it's back to the Knitting Factory on Saturday for the Murs & 9th Wonder show. Meanwhile, I finally got my schedule for (one of my) job(s) so I'll be working all of Saturday from 9 to 6 pm (ouch). The weekend is going to be INSANE.

So now you know why its "dur dur d'etre" blogger.

Update when I actually get another miraculously free moment in time like this one.


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