Monday, May 29, 2006

Well, this should work.

Greetings, folks. Welcome to the new redesign, courtesy of the homie Jive Alive (who recently updated his own site). Now that I have some sort of life and substantial schedule (for now anyway), I will return with more goodies to rock the spot.

First, allow me to explain Mr. Downey, Jr. Now that I've seen X-Men: The Last Stand, I'm officially pumped, not that movie. No, not that one either. I mean, sure, I'm looking forward to them, but there's nothing that can eclipse my excitement for IRON MAN.

Now, don't hang on to my words too much. The fact remains that an Iron Man film is not completely set on happening. At this point its the brainchild of one Jon Favreau who is set on directing the project and production doesn't even look like it's gonna commence until January of next year.

And so due to that fact, I have officially made my nomination for the role: Robert Downey, Jr. He hasn't been in anything recently (well, sort on), and this would be the perfect role for him. An alcoholic billionaire saves his own life by creating a suit of metal armor and inconscipuously fights crime with it. It's like slipping on a pair of birkenstocks; too fitting. Jive and I had this discussion the other night (while I was high as a kite, of course) and consider us the first in what should hopefully be a cult following for this nomination.

Wikipedia has a list of possible rumored runner-ups for the role, including Tom Cruise, Viggo Mortenson, and that guy from Highlander. Johnny Depp, also in the running, would probably be my second choice behind Downey, but that's just me. Personally, I usually find that the younger they make these antogonists, the better. Case in point, my stunt double, Tobey Maguire. The man is now forever Spiderman, just like Christopher Reeves will forever be Superman (to me, anyway).

This time around, Iron Man isn't supposed to necessarily be young. He's supposed to be a bit older but not Sean Connery old. Old enough that it makes sense to see a grown man rocking a moustache without looking like its of the
Adam Morrison caliber.

Tom Cruise is a greedy bastard that doesn't need another franchise under his belt. So to hell with him and his Mission: Impossible publicity stunts. Give me Robert Downey, Jr. goddamnit! He may be already working on a film where he'll be playing another famous alcoholic, but with Sylvester Stallone at the helm, one couldn't be too sure if Rob will find his niche with that role or not. Looks good though.

Anyway, if you or anyone like myself have ideas about the Iron Man movie, join the myspace group Jon Favreau himself has going. I've been reading suggestions for who will play the infamous Tony Stark, and some suggestions are boderline laughable (Colin Farrell, Vince Vaughn) to almost too perfect for believabilty (Bruce Campbell, Charlie Sheen). But I'm sticking with Downey. And Terrance Howard as War Machine.

And now, here's a token of my appreciation for indulging all of that drivel.

Four Tet - Iron Man (sendspace link)

From his album of last year, Everything Comes And Goes, Four Tet composes an ill Black Sabbath cover that isn't too intense of a listen. Still extremely attention grabbing, regardless. Enjoy!



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