Saturday, May 20, 2006

Yo 1, 2, what does this button do?

When life throws you prunes, make prune juice and stop fuckin' complaining. You don't see old people whining about how it tastes awful. They've lived long enough to come to peace with the fact that worse has happened in their long, miserable life. Fuck what Marx said; life may be short and brutish but from one's personal experience you'd be surprised how long it takes for life to go by as fast as it's made out to take.

So in this past month nothing much has changed. Except that I had quite the writer's block, and that's perfectly normal. Perhaps it was for the best that I regrouped all the minions who run this brain of mine to figure out some better solutions for this city livin' thing. One day at a time, I say.

Expect a new layout soon, plenty more music, and actual content to appease the literary masses.

Just letting you know I haven't bailed out on you. I've got some cans of prunes just waiting to be opened.


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