Sunday, June 25, 2006

Damn, beat me to it.

Seems as if Mike posted a couple of tracks already on Friday. Although I'm sure I'm not even close to being the second blogger to post a new Dilla track from the upcoming post-mortum release, The Shining, I would hope I am at least the first to post this track:

Jay Dee featuring Black Thought - Love Movin' (sendspace link)

I suppose now I've officially contradicted myself after the Louis Logic entry. Dare I insist, this is a rare exception to the rule in my book: It's Jay Dee, people. And this track right here is a monster. Much like a lot of the album's tracks.

You'll see. Come August (I think the release date is the 22nd, not sure though), critics will be lauding this effort as the perfect swan song to the man's career. And I agree. It packs a whallop in a different way than Donuts. They are also two completely different albums.

This was expected, however; Donuts was meant to showcase Jay Dee's production alone, whereas The Shining finally puts him back together for the last time with all the emcees he helped along the way. Common, MED, Busta Rhymes, and our topic for the entry, Black Thought. Four tracks on this album have "Love" somewhere in the title (I think the Monch track of that apt title was leaked months ago if I recall correctly), and this one basically is standard lyrical fare for the Thought. Straight fire regardless, and over some of the most hypnotically hard-hitting production Jay Dee has created, specifically for this album alone. In other words, if you think this track is dope...yeah.

Enjoy, and always support the real hip-hop.


(P.S. - The promobot is ignorable for the most part)

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