Wednesday, June 14, 2006

For the Haterzzzzzz (sorry I fell asleep)

Awww what a cute wittle gasface.

Truly, I am fascinated by my surroundings. Thus the reason I felt it necessary to include it in my profile on this site as my only interest. And though it certainly isn't by any means the only one, I have no choice but to insist on its primary relevance in my life.

Distractions. But good ones, nonetheless.

Still gotta work on more of this redesign stuff, fix the page load, all that boring guano you don't wanna know.

To clear up a few misconceptions about my last entry, I do still stand by my statement, as controversial as it might be. You all might be growing question marks out of your ears (god that must hurt), but you need not worry about questioning. Just move on. If Robert Downey Jr doesn't get cast, which at this juncture seems just as likely as it did when I made my initial proclamation, the production will just not be as good. Favreau probably knows it himelf too. It will just come down to money, I guess.

I'll settle for Viggo though if I have to. Just stay away from Tom Cruise, is all.

Beta Kerosene is brought to you today by Bob Saget, the illest motherfucker in a cardigan sweater.

Welcome back to Beta. Now that you've enjoyed that hot new video, let's cut to the chase. Although I have covered J-Zone once before on this site, I have been graced with a hard copy of a remix project he's putting out later this month, and it would make no sense but to jump on the opp. J-Zone is...EXPERIENCED! (at least that's what it reads on the press release) takes the road less travelled of remixing Hendrix and morphing it alongside Zone's unique style of production. I'll leave it up to you guys to weigh in with your opinions, but me? I don't need to say much. I might as well let the music do the talking.

Funky Child (sendspace link)
Shoot Em Down (sendspace link)

Last Wednesday, I had one of the worst days of my life (in recent memory, anyway). Then, in some strange twist of fate, I won a hundred dollars later that night at my usual karaoke hotspot. I was pretty damn close to winning three hundred, but then I looked on the bright side...I still was a hundred dollars richer just for singing modern rock fodder to appease the midtown yuppies.

I guess my point is: I do what I want, and I wear a big smile while doing it. Regardless of how shitty I may feel deep down.

Over and out. You know what I'm about.


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