Tuesday, June 20, 2006

A rough day for us Knicks fans.

Fuck that dude.

Heroes of the week go to Bill Simmons for telling it like it is, and Marc Cuban who's about five times the GM that Pat Riley will ever be...he speaks his mind, cause he straight cold!

All in all, what an absolutely amazing NBA season. Too bad it had to end a game early. It would have been nice if Antoine "Executing Cartwheels Better Than Perimiter Shots Since '96" Walker didn't now have a ring to call his own. But props to the kid Dwayne Wade I suppose....

Ah to hell with it. This is all small potatoes. I hate all the players on the Heat. They represent all that frustrates me as a Knicks fan. It's one thing with the Pacers, or the Nets. But the Heat is a whole other story. We New Yorkers watched as Riley jumped ship to Miami over ten years ago. He slept with the enemy and never came back. He'll always be that douchebag.

In an effort to alleviate the frustration of seeing a team that really wasn't even that good win it all, I will move on. To a lighter note. Aside from the obvious choice of Lebron, my choice for the playoffs MVPs go to both Nash and Dirk.

I'll end on that.

Next year in Utah!



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