Friday, June 30, 2006

Throwback Friday #15.

I've been obsessed with youtube and wikipedia for some reason lately. Perhaps it is the accumulation of days I have gathered without working. Yes, my faithful readers, its been one of those weeks. Make that two weeks. The slump will soon deteriorate, but I suppose what's done is done. And what's been done has been a lot of catching up with my favorite television shows as a young'un. A bunch of Disney Afternoon, of course. Captain Planet. But most of all...

The Muppet Show
(and Muppet Babies too, hell why not?)

Easily and without argument one of the best opening TV show themes of all time. Which brings me to this week's Throwback Friday. De La Soul had some major sample issues that plagued their debut, 3 Feet High and Rising. The Turtles sued the group when "You Showed Me" was sampled on a little interlude track called "Transmitting Live From Mars". But that was only one.

The other was a track that eventually made it to the bonus disc of the remastered version of 3 Feet High, released in 2001. It was a bouncy little number called "Double Huey Skit". It didn't get past clearance after it was put on a test pressing for the "Say No Go" single, for obvious reasons (though I am surprised KMD managed to pass with the samples from Sesame Street on their Mr. Hood album). It's the Muppet Show theme, for crissakes. Let's be honest. Jim Henson was and always will be the man, but does he seem like he would be the kind of guy who lets his shit get sampled in rap? Makes enough sense.

De La Soul w/ Double B - Double Huey Skit (sendspace link)

I still have no idea who that Double B guy is. This track is funny though. They kinda sound like muppets a bit. Just like Jim Henson knew how to make adults and children laugh, Prince Paul will always be an underrated producer who knew how to make rap fans and rock fans appreciate what once was considered a revolutionary sound in music. It's a shame they've only scratched the surface of popular music. Perhaps it was meant to be that way.

Peace to Maseo, who's been apparently not been feeling too well lately. No links to a news article right now, but as Wikipedia is reporting, as of June 4th, he was checked into a hospital for liver problems. Let's hope it doesn't get worse, for hip-hop and for the group's sake.

I leave you now with a classic Muppet moment: Buddy Rich vs. Animal!


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