Monday, June 19, 2006

Who cares about leaks.

Louis Logic - Misery Loves Comedy (sendspace link)

Ignorance is bliss sometimes. I think many of you can agree with me on that, though in a much different aspect I presume.

Anyway, I have in fact posted another one of this guy's songs in the past, but for our friend Mr. Alive's birthday yesterday, I offer probably the best lyrical display Louis has right now. For today's belated edition of The Most Compressed Birthday Presents Ever, we offer you the title track to Louis Logic's new album
Misery Loves Comedy, officially out on Fat Beats Records as of last Tuesday. It's arguably better than Sin-A-Matic, but its those kinds of statements that require a gradual development. Kinda like when everyone said Fishscale was better than Supreme Clientele or Ironman, but in the end it managed to be a stellar release worthy of taking the bronze.

Bad comparison. Point is, let the music take its time. Just because you listen to an album three times in a row in one sitting doesn't mean you've played it enough to proclaim how it will stand over repeated listens. With the quickness and convenience of downloading music, so the experience of posessing the music becomes ever the more disposable. /end rant (due to realizing how I'm just going to end up talking about myself)

I was supposed to go to a Mets game tomorrow but the promise of extremely inclement weather has forced plans to change. So now I'm hoping that a) it either rains REALLY FUCKIN HARD on Tuesday or b) The Drowsy Chaperone is that sensational that I'll kick myself for not seeing it sooner. And believe me, I don't even go to see Broadway shows ever. I think the last time I even saw one was several years ago before I even started college. As oppose to my track record of attendance to major league baseball games which is on the same level of pathetic, arguable more (three).

I wonder how that Bonaroo festival held up.


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