Thursday, July 13, 2006

Radio Refreshments #6.

Sugar - If I Can't Change Your Mind (sendspace link)

What's it gonna take to find a decent external host. Until further notice, due to minimal but nonetheless substantial criticism through IM, fileforge is getting the gasface for not performing to the full potential.

Radio Refreshments brings back a very special gem. Bob Mould of the seminal indie outfit Husker-Dü tried his hand at a solo career after disbanding the group in 1988. Eventually, he found himself spearheading the creation of a new trio. Led by Mould, Sugar released their debut album Copper Blue, in 1992.

The song I have posted was the flagship single, a hit in the UK and certainly a refreshment for the radio, even to this day. Dare I claim, no one really checks for this outing as Mould's defining musical prowess these days...I however think this song is of the perfect singalong caliber. If this was on the karaoke list, I would do it every week or something, I swear, hah! I'm saying yo, it's almost like a throwback to 60's pop. Or maybe it is entirely. You decide.

I should make a confession though. Regardless of hearing the song come up on the local radio station, the first time I actually heard the song, I didn't actually hear the music. I think I actually saw the the nearby Filenes while shopping for summer clothes, I'd bet, during the middle school years. It looked like the video anyway, goddamnit.

In any case...


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