Friday, July 14, 2006

Throwback Friday #17.

See, the way I see it, there's always an upshot to behaviors generally looked down upon. And dare I say, the good thing about staying up for hours upon hours is that you get so much more thinking done. Too much sleep leads to a, though perfectly understandable, specific regiment to which every normal human being must prescribe to at some point. But for now, I'll be happy with this time to dwell. On many ideas. Among them: why the hell I'm awake taking pictures of the Queensboro Bridge as the sky bleeds a purple dusk pre-sunrise (you'll get a glimpse tomorrow.

I blame Brooklyn. My future home. Where in exactly is yet to be decided. If it isn't Bushwick or somewhere relatively close, somewhere south of Prospect Park for sure. I'm keeping my options open. Regarding the recent heat wave, I wish for every place I visit to have waterslides going out of the windows of the prospective rooms, leading to a deep, cold, clean pool. I know I'm just speaking complete crazy, but sometimes it takes a certain kind of crazy to be level with your readers, y'know?

::clears throat::

Non Phixion broke up today. The reason? Goretex's inepitude, straight up. No reason to beat around the bush, its all true so I don't have to be put on trial here for my views. I look forward to seeing future projects from the Uncle Howie camp.

But I digress, the real matter at hand is schooling those here who haven't been put on to how dope Necro's production can be. When he isn't busy typing in
ALL CAPS and being an all-around outspoken emcee ("I Need Drugs", anyone?), he's actually a very skilled crate digger that deserves his props for sure. Case in point, for this week's Throwback Friday...

Osanna -
Preludio (sendspace link)

Non Phixion fans know the deal here. Sampled masterfully by Necro is the sounds of
Osanna, an Italian progressive rock group who came out with this track in 1972 for the soundtrack of a movie called Milano Calibro 9, a little known gangster film. Along with the cinematic orchestration, this composition hosts jazzy flute riffs and guitar effects that definitely scream progressive. It's an interesting cut, for sure.

Non Phixion -
The CIA Is Trying to Kill Me (sendspace link)

Obviously, notwithstanding, Non Phixion display their own prelude to anarchy on this fan favorite cut from the group's only official album, The Future Is Now.

Here's to hoping for another Sabac solo album, personally. This
La Coka Nostra stuff just seems bland in execution as far as the concept goes if you ask me.



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