Friday, July 07, 2006

Throwback Friday #16.

Larger than my graduating class = truth.

First, let me try something new.

The Fania All-Stars - Cha Cha Cha (fileforge link)

Let me know just how fast that works. Might as well be the best file host out there, but we'll see. Props to DJ Premier Planet for introducing me to it.

Hokay. This song comes off of the collective's apparently least memorable release, their first album through Columbia Records, Delicate and Jumpy (1976). Their namesake comes from their start on Fania Records. As it stands, the group outlived the label, as they continued performing into the 90's past the the label's 30th anniversary. They are considered a seminal group in popularizing salsa, especially in New York (the label's homebase). Only to find a wider market outside of New York did the All-Stars sign with Columbia.

Tapping into the timelessness, a producer by the name of Victor Padilla, aka V.I.C., unearthed "Cha Cha Cha", and looped it for a track on Soundbombing 3, featuring Kool G Rap and some back up from Capone and Noreaga. For more information on what V.I.C. is all about, Matt once again has got the hook-up (second time this has happened!) for those sleeping.

Kool G Rap w/ CNN - My Life (Remix) (fileforge link)

Excellent use of the sample. The vocoder (supplied by G-Wise) is kinda cheesy, but I suppose when you're past your prime and you're aiming for commercial success while still needing to maintain your classic reputation (no one in the Juice Crew was fuckin with G Rap when he first started, not even Kane), tracks like this are supposed to offer a good perspective on evolution. Still, as NORE refers to G Rap in the beginning: "Godfather of gangsta, ghetto, project, complex, co-op, hip-hop." He clearly branched out early on.


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